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The preview below is only to help you build your site and is NOT the final product. Try some Default settings or Reset.


Make a jQuery Mobile website in literally under a minute! Get started below or create an account and we will save your builds for you and you can rebuild them!

1 Add a name

2 Add a logo

Your logo will be resized to fit mobiles.

3 Add webpages

Create your pages using the buttons below.

To change the order of the menu items just drag them up/down with your mouse.

4 Add content

Add content to your pages by clicking on edit icon in the phone preview.

5 Add full site link

Add the link to your full website (it will be added to footer).

6 Choose color scheme

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jqmBuilder is a powerful online tool which can produce basic professional looking jQuery Mobile Websites in minutes. It's purpose it to provide designers and developers with a tool which can save lots of time when producing jQuery Mobile prototypes. It is more than that because the output is a fully working jQuery Mobile Website which you can provide to clients with minimal or no modifications.

Why use jQuery Mobile?

jQuery Mobile: Touch-Optimized Web Framework for Smartphones & Tablets

A unified, HTML5-based user interface system for all popular mobile device platforms, built on the rock-solid jQuery and jQuery UI foundation. Its lightweight code is built with progressive enhancement, and has a flexible, easily themeable design.

jQuery Mobile works great on all major mobile devices - see list of supported devices and browsers.

jQuery mobile every mobile


Version 1.0 has the following features.

  • Upto Date - Uses latest stable version of jQuery Mobile - Currently version 1.2.0
  • Dynamic - Creates the website dynamically "on the fly" in seconds.
  • Page Components - Current support for page components:
    • Site Name - name of site.
    • Main Menu - list of pages, currently only 1 level deep.
    • Logo - site logo optimised size for mobiles.
    • Title - title of page.
    • Text - a paragraph of text.
    • Image - any suppported web image.
    • In-page Nav - buttons for back and next page navigation.
    • Twitter - loads tweets (user, search or hashtag) into a page.
    • RSS - loads a n rss/blog feed into a page.
    • Contact Form - basic contact form with validation and backend script to send emails.
  • Color Schemes - Select from upto 10 different colour schemes.
  • Footer - Standard footer with link to full website.
  • Templating - mobile websites can be generated and used as templates for future sites.

Coming Soon

The future is bright. The future is mobile.

  • New Builder - Using HTML5 and Angular JS. We have drag and drop, color pallet, custom layouts and other cool stuff on the way woo!
  • Sub Menus - The awesome ability to create sub menus!
  • More Page Components - Google maps integration, Image gallery, Listing Directory (with Live Filter), Facebook Channel, YouTube Channel and more.
  • Better Footers - More rows, more links, more pages, just better.
  • Different Builds - Mutipage or one page builds.


pricing options

  • A jQuery Mobile Website (using the online builder tool) includes:

    • A fully working jQuery Mobile Website.
    • A downloadable zip folder containing complete source files for your jQuery Mobile Website.
    • Includes a PHP script for the contact form.
    • Includes a JavaScript settings file for jQuery Mobile special features such as page transitions.
  • Custom/Special Features - request specific features for your site and we an give you a quote.

  • Developer Licence - complete source code for the tool, quote available on request.

  • Technical Support - we can help you with problems, quoted on request.


JQMBuilder is prowdly powered by jQuery and jQuery Mobile and you may use any jQuery project under the terms of the MIT License. The MIT License is simple and easy to understand and it places almost no restrictions on what you can do with a jQuery project. You are free to use a jQuery project in commercial projects as long as the copyright header is left intact. jqmbuilder.com is in no way affiliated with the jQuery Project. MIT License (More Information) More information can be found in terms of service (which includes a privacy policy).


Sponsors get unlimited builds for 1 user and thier website link here. Enquire to become a sponsor.

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Please send all enquiries to info@jqmbuilder.com.